Javascript 101: playing sounds periodically

I'm so bad at Starcraft that I thought it would help if I had a reminder sound play every X seconds to remind me about some basic things I should be doing.

Let me know if this works for you? You can adjust the slider to indicate how often you want to hear the sound, in seconds. Then hit the button.

To make the sound stop, close this window.

Every how many seconds?


Oh and one last thing. How can you actually see the javascript & html that make this page work? I guess that'll be the subject for the next lesson.

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Argument With A Cyclist

Me: hey!

Him: <stares>

Me: dont run people over!

Him: (rides away) suck my deeek! 

Me: i've got something for you right here! (gesture)

Him: (starts to ride back) suck my deeek!

Me: dont run people over! We had the light!

Him: bleeg gleeb universeeety bleeg! Suck my deeeeek!

Me: good one! I see your point! (walks away)

Him: suck my deeek!