How to go to bed on time, part 28.

I never want to go to sleep.  I would rather stay up and do anything.

The exhaustion I will feel the next morning means nothing to me at 1:15am.  I've woken up so tired I can feel my lips tingle.

So, with baby #2 on the way, in 11 days! it became vital that I found a way to trick myself into getting into bed at a more reasonable hour.

These days, my top nighttime pastime is Heroes of Newerth.  So the best way to derail my routine was to use Windows 7 Parental Controls.  11pm on school nights, and on weekend nights I can go crazy and stay logged in until midnight.

Of course, I know the administrator password on my computer and could disable the controls at any time.  But the deal that my morning self has struck with my crazy nighttime self is that I can only change the parental controls in the morning.  And, amazingly, my nighttime self completely accepts this state of affairs, with sullen resignation.


So, next I need an iPad app that will force itself to shut down and stay shut down during certain hours.  Does such an app already exist?  Would there be a market for such a thing?

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